Accuturn’s history begins in 1974, when the foundation for Accuturn Corporation was built. The company was founded as a manufacturer of machine parts and manufactures a lot of what is produced now. The main difference being that a lot of the past production was for the electrical contact industry and Accuturn Corporation has now progressed to the CNC era with 4-axis machines at their disposal.

Fast forward over 20 years from the company’s inception and Ignatius Araujo is the President and CEO of Accuturn Corp. In 2006, Araujo and business partner, Henri Rahmon purchased the company. Since doing so, the duo, along their facility and office staff have doubled the company’s annual sales. In the process, Araujo and Rahmon have updated all equipment, making sure there are no machines on the plant floor older than seven. What sets Accuturn apart, then and especially now, is their quality and inspection department. With a full dedicated staff, quality control manager and the latest equipment and technology, no part leaves the plant without being thoroughly inspected and 100 percent accurate.